PLANTOGEN® Gentle Facial Scrub

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A gentle, foaming, exfoliating facial scrub, effective in sloughing dead skin cells to reveal a fresher, healthier looking skin. Helps to reduce surface oil while improving skin tone and texture. The exfoliating helps remove dead keratinized cells making the skin’s surface look smoother and clearer. The skin’s surface circulation and glow are improved. Cell renewal increases which in turn increases the efficiency of penetration of moisturisers applied after exfoliation, resulting in improved hydration of the skin’s surface. Many types of exfoliation can be very abrasive and can cause red, sensitive, thin skin. Consequently, Plantogen® Gentle Facial Scrub contains Jojoba beads with spherical and smooth shapes which are effective in exfoliating but are less irritating to the skin. Water soluble. Can be used for all skin types.

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