COSMEDIX Refine Refinishing Treatment 4%

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Refinishing Treatment 4%

Revive and refinish damaged skin

If you are lactating or pregnant, CosMedix recommends consultation with your physician before using this product. 

Refine restores life to environmentally damaged skin to reduce signs of premature aging and improve skin texture and tone. This potent, chirally correct refinishing treatment combines 4% of CosMedix's proprietary retinol complex with key amino acids and powerful moisturizers to help stimulate collagen production without irritating or drying out the skin. Net Wt. 15ml

Refine Plus

Refinishing Treatment 8%

Enhanced refinishing for damaged skin

This powerful concentration of vitamin A takes Refine to the next level for enhanced results. Combining 8% of CosMedix's proprietary retinol complex with fortifying amino acids and high performance hydrators, Refine Plus’ amplified collagen-stimulating and reparative properties make this refinishing treatment a potent anti-aging tool. Net Wt. 15ml

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