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Pink Purse is proud to support Bows for the Picture Charities as our national partner in supporting young girls across the country.  Bows for Picture provides young girls with cancer hair bows and wigs to help support young ladies confidence if they want a wig during times of recuperation.  Every bow is delivered by an elementary, middle school or high school student who wants to show they too care. Join us in helping recovering children's self-image stay strong by giving them the gifts of self-esteem and friendship!

Select a headband from our 8 different options.  We will send you one premade bow headband. Then when you receive it take a picture of how you styled your look with your bow.  Email us a picture of you in your bow and we will post it!  Each bow will have pictures of little girls just like your little girl!  We want to connect little girls to show them all the unique ways someone with a bow just like theirs looks and chooses to wear their band.  Little girls will learn to appreciate their differences while also seeing they chose a bow that looks the same.  Thus gaining the understanding of how to take an idea then make it your own.

The headband comes with a bag of bows or accessories to mix and match with your favorite outfits.


8% of every order will go to a charity to help the advancement of young girls 17 and under!

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